Story #22: Support Great Leadership

It’s important to support great leadership, but we also need to stop supporting criminals. This means not banking at the New York Fed member banks that serve as the depository for the U.S. government—through which accounts $21 trillion has gone missing—and not voting for somebody who engineered the housing bubble. How each of us spends our time and money matters. Culture matters, too, because culture is about what we give our attention to, how we spend our money, and what we feel and think. Buy your food from people you know and can trust, bank with people you know and trust, and fight your battles locally. Listen to “Know Your Sheriff” in the Solari archives, recognizing that sheriffs can overrule the Feds. Support the state and local officials who are working to protect your rights and ensure sound government.

2nd Quarter Solari Heroes:

The Solari Report has a hero every week as well as every year. For 2019, we’ve already named Leonardo da Vinci the Hero of the Year.

  • June 27: James Forrestal
  • June 20: Brother Bruce Mejia, Faithful Word Baptist Church, Los Angeles
  • June 13: Jon Stewart
  • June 6: Floyd Martin
  • May 23: Robert F. Smith, The Missing Money A-Team
  • May 16: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • May 9: Agriculture Commissioner – Andy Gipson
  • May 3: Andrew Tallon
  • April 18: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • April 11: Alan Collinge

Story #23: Great Actions

Everywhere, people are doing great things. A few examples: A court awarded a bakery up to $33 million after politically correct Oberlin students defamed the bakery and drove it to the brink of bankruptcy. Also in the U.S., at least 50 municipalities are suing the FCC over 5G. In France, a French architect outed the Notre Dame fire situation. In Italy, dock workers refused to load Saudi arms that were being shipped for the Yemen war.


Question #1: What is happening to the cathedrals of France and why?

Question #2: What should Wikileaks and Assange do?

Question #3: Will we go to war in Iran?

It is hard to understand what the war-mongering against Iran is really about. If war does move forward, the goal might be to beta-test a privatized paramilitary model—corporate regime change with mercenaries. Is the U.S. trying to starve Iran so that it can buy more people internally? Undoubtedly, there are people inside Iran who want to get rid of the current regime, but if they buy into a U.S.-backed war, they run the risk of ending up with something worse than what they’ve got now—as has happened in Iran before. Russia is the big swing vote.

Question #4: Where did Mr. Global invest the $21 trillion (and the $24+ trillion)?

It is time to push back on the missing money. We have the law on our side. The Solari Report is making bulk discounts and template letters for its 2018 Annual Wrap Up: The Real Game of Missing Money available to subscribers so that they can start to engage with their CPAs, pension fund trustees, money managers, and bankers. Imagine what could happen if thousands of financial professionals started saying, “Wait a minute, what is going on here?” Send the first volume of The Real Game of Missing Money to your pension fund trustees and money managers and ask, “Should you be buying Treasuries?” They are the fiduciary. Ask the question, and let them decide.

Question #5: Who is Mr. Global and what is the governance structure on Planet Earth?

We live on a planet where everything is secret. Dr. Farrell’s assessment is that Mr. Global is like the Venice of yore, with a hidden nobility that has been operating likely for centuries. (Note that Venice came up with the idea of a maximum carrying capacity for the planet well before Malthus.) Families such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are the front men for something far older. The technocratic managerial class that runs things on a day-to-day basis reports to this secret group—whatever it is.

There are many theories as to who the equity owners of the Planet Earth subsidiary might be, ranging from a separate civilization located on Earth (see Mac Tonnies’ book Cryptoterrestrials) to interdimensional beings—but what seems clear is that we are being run by somebody who thinks of themselves as a different species. It is difficult for the general population to fathom that they are dealing with a leadership that is either a different species or psychopathic or both.

Let’s not lose sight of the idea that each human is a sacred individual with divine rights—it is a powerful model. This is the basis of real, positive change.

Question #6: Should we beware summer fires?

Question #7: How will the U.S. government be reengineered?

Question #8: What will happen to U.S. land and real estate as a result of changes underway?


It was inspiring to see Hong Kong protestors’ pushback against technocracy. Hong Kong’s China-backed chief executive is caught in the middle, squeezed both by Beijing and the protestors. It looks like the protestors may win, because China wants to do well on the Silk Road. They cannot afford to be heavy-handed.

The second quarter brought more insight into the assassinations that had such a powerful impact on the baby boomer generation, especially James Forrestal’s assassination. (Check out the David Martin interview on The Solari Report discussing Martin’s new book, The Assassination of James Forrestal.) Forrestal started out poor but went to Princeton and rose from an entry-level position at Dillon Read to become its President. He then became Secretary of the Navy—at the time, a cabinet-level position—and led the Navy during World War II. After the war, Forrestal became the first Secretary of Defense (then called the “Secretary of War”) but did not see eye-to-eye with President Truman, who pushed him out. After an intense media-led smear campaign, Forrestal was suicided in Bethesda—most likely by the same crew that later killed John F. Kennedy—and the CIA Act passed about three weeks later. Martin’s book and Dr. Farrell’s recent book on Joseph McCarthy highlight at least four reasons why Forrestal could have become a target for assassination, including his opposition to the creation of the state of Israel, his questioning of the black budget, his links to the UFO phenomenon, and his strong opposition to communist infiltration. Interestingly, McCarthy met with Forrestal in 1946—and when McCarthy died, it was also under suspicious circumstances in Bethesda. The same people who led the media campaign against Forrestal led the media campaign against McCarthy.

Food for the Soul Series:

Food for the Soul articles this quarter focused on Notre Dame, Rembrandt, and da Vinci, among other inspiring topics.