California Dept of Ed adoption sexuality curriculum

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Former transgender activist: Transitioning is dangerous—especially for youth

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Doctors gave her daughter hormone treatments (and she couldn't stop them)

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He used to be trans—here's what he wants everyone to know

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FBI: Please investigate NY state's currupt (sic) vote to repeal a religious freedom. (Click "Watch on Vimeo" button to access.)

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The FCC and the OTARD rule

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The myth of the unbiased search engine

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Watch (live): Trump, Macron attend D-Day commemoration.
(Note commentary at 2:38:30 "…launched a man to the moon, and then kept on pushing to new frontiers, and today America is stronger than ever before.")

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Seed Swap in the Ozarks (Feature-length documentary)

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. breaks his silence for vaccine injury and vaccine rights: HighWireTalk

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The exploding autoimmune epidemic: Dr. Tent

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How to build a high-tunnel greenhouse

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Rob Mendez, football coach without arms or legs, inspires his team

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50 years ago in 2018: RFK’='s final journey: How America stood by train tracks to say farewell

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