Story #11: The Year of Da Vinci

The year of da Vinci continues, with Solari Food for the Soul columns and major da Vinci exhibits throughout Europe. Da Vinci’s imagination knew no bounds, and he was frequently ahead of his time—whether as an engineer, scientist, inventor, painter or musician. Make sure the children in your life know about da Vinci!

Story #12: The War on Children

The leadership is prototyping—with the transgender op, vaccines, autism, and more—and it seems to view children and families as expendable. Whether you are paying property taxes or tuition, recognize that you are helping finance the war on children and do what you can to avoid participating.

Sex education

New sex education curricula appear to be teaching children how to be sex slaves—and they are targeting kids at ever younger ages.

Marketing of transgender and suicide

A relatively small group—likely with ties to the pharmaceutical, medical, and tech industries—appears to be financing and manipulating the movement to normalize transgenderism. In addition to their covert social engineering agenda, another objective appears to be to make science irrelevant. The marketing of transgenderism also seems to be helping distract people so that they don’t pay attention to FASAB 56 and other significant shifts in resources. A recent student-led policy for “menstrual equality” endorsed by the administration at the University of Arkansas illustrates some of the kookiness.

Porn and control files

Porn is an insidious but significant way to get control files on people. In a recent survey, 98% of American men reported Internet porn use over the last six months. Using entrainment, it is easy to get kids addicted and get their control file started. As Curtis Mayfield sang, “The hunt is on and brother you’re the prey.”

Vaccines and related dirty tricks

It should come as no surprise that Andrew Cuomo—the same politician who helped engineer the housing bubble and the HUD missing money—readily signed New York’s new law to take away religious exemptions to vaccination. Right before legislators and Cuomo rammed the new law through (in the span of a single day), Merck announced that it was opening a new plant in Albany. What a coincidence! In California, the tech industry appears to be helping clamp down on medical vaccine exemptions. Does taking technocracy the “last mile” mean getting into our veins as well as our cars and real estate?

Smartphones and entrainment

With 5G, the war on the children could get much worse. Initiatives such as 5G, HAARP, and global spraying seem to be designed to be mutually reinforcing and to facilitate mind manipulation on a wide scale. At the same time, the war on children is benefiting from a war on men. Mr. Global has been clever, converting women’s anger about the harms done by a few (by Mr. Global himself) into a weapon against the men who otherwise would step forward to protect women and their children from a wide variety of threats.

Story #13: Hypermaterialism and the Weaponization of Drug-Addicted Populations

Homeless, drug-addicted populations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and other West Coast cities are draining municipal budgets with crimes and 911 calls (on their government-paid smartphones). After this “gentrification army” succeeds in chasing away the middle class in those cities, watch those homeless populations disappear quickly. The rise of an almost feudal system of privatized corporate jurisdictions and private armies is alarming.


​Story #14: Technocracy and Zero-Integrity Systems

Zero-integrity corporate systems engineered for predatory and surveillance capitalism are not designed to get work done. We just saw Baltimore shut down for weeks by hackers who used malware developed by…the neighboring NSA. If the U.S. can hack into Russian systems, as the NSA proudly proclaims, why aren’t they doing their job protecting systems at home? How can we run our businesses with unreliable software and systems that lack integrity? It is time for everyone to migrate to open source systems and perhaps consider the benefits of untrackable analog tools such as typewriters.

5g and IOT rollout accelerates

Make sure you know whether 5G is being deployed in your community—those symptoms of Alzheimer’s and aging that you suddenly started experiencing may just be related.

​Story #15: JEDI Contract—Amazon and Microsoft Are Finalists

The competition for the JEDI contract has been fierce. Was Oracle fronting for Microsoft when it launched its lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that Amazon hired DOD employees involved in the JEDI procurement? If yes, the gambit may have worked because Microsoft managed to claw its way to the final stages with Amazon. Once the JEDI contract is let, with all 17 intelligence agencies and DOD in the cloud, it will be possible to reengineer U.S. cash flows at high speed—with significant consumer transactions now funneled through Amazon, Whole Foods, and Walmart.


​Story #16: Increased Competition: The New Space Race

In all likelihood, space was one of the reasons for implementing FASAB 56. There are so many new developments in space that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. There are also many unanswered questions. Is the public space program “for show,” while a behind-the-scenes program is going full steam ahead with anti-gravity and asteroid mining technologies? If that is the case, why is so much money and venture capital still being poured into almost obsolete chemical rocket technology? Is the space program going to be the vehicle for gradual disclosure of new technologies? What seems evident is that we are headed into a space weaponry arms race. With data in the cloud and offshore finances potentially migrating to the suborbital platform, risk management-oriented investors will want guarantees for protection and enforcement. India’s recent destruction of a satellite suggests that the space weaponry war is on.


Story #17: Bayer Pays the Roundup Price; Glyphosate Grows; Consumer Pays With Health

Why did the Bayer-Monsanto deal get made? With its IG Farben lineage, Bayer is not prone to making stupid decisions. It makes no sense. Did Bayer have a side deal with the Rockefeller-Bush-Clinton contingent that backfired? Is Trump’s new executive order “streamlining” GMO regulations a payoff of some sort? And what does the massive weather warfare being waged against farmers mean? If we think of the United States as the subsidiary of an undisclosed holding company, the holding company may be taking stock of what GMO lawsuits and consumer distrust are doing to its market value and may have decided to just take the land back (buying it on the cheap) to convert it to more GMO crops. Note that ionospheric heaters are the technology that likely would be used to steer storms—and Germany (where Bayer is headquartered) has one.

Story #18: Farmaggedon—Million Acres Flooding

We are watching unprecedented acreage flooded and farms destroyed. With farmers unable to plant their crops, we would expect to see shortages of animal feed and sky-high food prices. If we don’t see a dramatic rise in food prices, will it be because lab-grown meat and nano-foods step in to save the day? Will food shortages be a vehicle for sneaking synthetic biology—or worse—into the food supply? Make sure you know where your food comes from. If you live in a place that has a really rich supply of local food, support it—don’t let it go away. It is disturbing that a Soylent Green scenario no longer seems far-fetched.

Story #19: Vaccine Wars

A serious effort is underway to wipe out vaccine exemptions across the country—in clear violation of the Nuremberg principles. In North Carolina, the local bar association has managed to get vaccine exemption attorney Alan Phillips sent to jail three times for refusing to accede to their demand that he release client files and breach attorney-client privilege. California is going after medical exemptions—and the doctors who write them—even though only a tiny percentage of children have such exemptions. All of this signals an aggressively anti-human and hyper-materialist agenda, with the “herd” viewed as state property and fodder for experimentation and culling. Will the broad assault on food, the environment, the climate, and cultural institutions have negative spillover effects? Quite probably, but the folks in charge seem incapable of fathoming that anything could go wrong.

Story #20: Quantum Biology Blossoms

Every living thing has its own unique electromagnetic signature. When you interfere with that signature, you are interfering with your health. Get rid of your fluorescent lights.

Story #21: Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field

There is no longer any such thing as purely “natural” weather, says Elana Freeland—thanks to global spraying and technologies like HAARP and ionospheric heaters. Thus, it is nonsense to blame “climate change” on everyday human activity or cows. If anything, the invisible governance system and fiat currency system are to blame for environmental problems. If you have no transparency, and you have fiat currency and infinite secret money, you are going to have a governance system that can make money by destroying the environment. We cannot allow these technologies to continue to exist without accountability or disclosure. See my essay, “An Intelligent Conversation about the Environment,” for my thoughts on environmental problems as symptoms of an invisible governance structure.